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Uneven Breasts

Posted on April 25, 2023
Triumph, Fit Advice, Empowerment, Personal Need, Style and Fit

Ever noticed that your breasts aren’t exactly the same size? You’re not alone. According to the RCHM, as many as one in four women have asymmetric breasts. Despite this high number, many women still aren’t sure how to buy a comfortable bra for uneven breasts. After all, it’s not like you can get a C on the left and a D on the right. Well, we’re here to tell you that uneven breasts don’t have to mean a badly fitting bra. Let us break down the best bras for uneven breast types so you can feel comfortable and confident in your skin every day.

Bra fit tips for uneven breasts

When you’re buying bras, make sure to choose the right size for your larger breast. If you fit the smaller one, the underwire or fabric can dig into your body and cause chafing or pain. Once you’ve fitted the larger size, assess how the other side is fitting. Where is the gap? Is the difference large enough that your smaller breast is moving around and might experience chafing? Uneven breasts can be hard to fit, so you can use our bra size calculator to help you, or even fit a bra offline.

Control your shape with the Simply Sculpt Blossom Wired Support Bra

We mentioned above that you should always fit for your larger breast. The problem with that however is it can leave too much room for your smaller breast to move around. That’s where our Simply Sculpt Blossom Wired Support Bra can help. The Simply Sculpt Blossom Wired Support Bra is designed with inserts at the cup. These inserts aren’t padded – instead they perfectly surround the bust for comfort and freedom of movement. You can place bra inserts into these mesh pockets on your smaller side so that your uneven breasts both receive the support they need. The super soft fabric used in the bra keeps your larger side comfortable while you even out the difference.

Let bra technology do the work with the Shape Up Non-Wired Padded Bra

If you’re struggling with the shape or size of inserts, the best option may be to go wirefree and let the fabric of the bra do the work in supporting your bust. If that’s the case, look no further than our Shape Up Non-Wired Padded Bra, which uses innovative technology to provide support without a restrictive underwire. The fabric is both firm and flexible, moulding to the shape of each asymmetric breast and making the difference in size and shape less noticeable. As a bonus, it’s also super comfy!

Supreme comfort with the Secret Contour Non-Wired Padded Bra

A key comfort tip for fitting uneven breasts is to look for a stretch bra fabric, which will expand to fit one breast and shrink to the size of the other. Our https://hk.triumph.com/en/prod...Secret Contour Non-Wired Padded Bra is made with superbly soft eco-friendly fabric for ultimate softness against your skin. The breathable Bra-Air moulded hybrid cups can help to hold your smaller breast in place and give the bigger side the support it needs. The bra is made with breathable padding, which is extremely soft and light, together with visually slimming effects to keep you comfortable all day long.

Gentle support with our Invisible Inside-Out Wired Padded Bra

For those with larger uneven breasts, our Invisible Inside-Out Wired Padded Bra provides gentle support, while maintaining a natural shape. The upgraded side bone construction and stable underwire provide plenty of lift without compromising on comfort. It also features an infinity neckline and underarm design that won’t stick out under your clothes.

Uneven breasts can make finding the perfect bra fit difficult. However, there are great bra options out there that will make you feel snug and supported. Let us help you get the right fit with professional bra fit advice.