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figure 1

figure 2


To calculate bra size, you need to take two measurements:

  1. under-bust and
  2. over-bust width. 

TIP: Wear an unpadded bra. Stand with relaxed arms and shoulders.

Place the tape measure around your body underneath the bust, holding it straight with the centimetre side facing out.It should be held tight around the body.

Take your measurement immediately after exhaling.

TIP: The tape measure is not elastic but the bra is, so it is essential the tape measure is held firmly around the body when taking measurements.

Keeping the tape measure in the same position on your back move it up loosely over the fullest part of the bust, horizontally and with the centimetre side facing out. You will also need to take this measurement.

How to use our Bra Fitting Chart to determine your bra size:

  1. Find your underbust measurement along the top row to reveal your back size.
  2. Run your fingers down the column to find your over bust measurement.
  3. Move your finger across to the left to reveal your cup size.

figure 3

figure 4


To calculate brief size, simple take a measurement around your waist and also your hips.

Refer to the Fitting Chart to determine your brief size.